Our audience is part of the most environmentally conscious and socially liberal generation ever. They care for the planet and everything in it. They want to know what are the most challenging issues of the day and how they can help solve them. They particularly want to know about  climate change, sustainability, nature, wildlife, inequality, sexism, queerphobia and racism. 

  • Climate Change: The biggest challenge of our time, what is it and how can we solve it?
  • Wildlife: We’re currently going through a mass extinction – why? what needs to be done to save wildlife?
  • Science: This intersects with many other sections. How can we educate our audience to make sure they understand the issues of our day. 
  • Sustainability: What can and is being done to make the world more sustainable? This is on an individual, local and international level. 
  • Kitchen: Plant based food and a sustainable kitchen. 
  • Society: Coming soon…
  • Wellness: Coming soon…
  • Clear & Concise:  Shorter articles tend to be 500-1000 words while longer articles can reach up to 2000 words. 
  • Indemnify: Before sending us any contributions or submissions you indemnify Pay Our Planet from any claim or impairment that may arise as a consequence of your ‘factual’ statements being fictitious or any infringement of a right of any third-party.
  • Editing Submissions: The editors protect the right to reject and amend any contribution/material supplied.
  • Future Use: All materials submitted may be used for future advertising or publicity for Pay Our Planet

If you have what we’re after and agree to our guidlines please send your written pitch to editor@payourplanet.com