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We plant 100 trees with each sponsored post


Pay Our Planet is on a mission to do more than being a great environmental brand. In fact we are a community that plants 100 trees with every sponsored post. We educate others on environmental issues, give back when we can and encourage everyone to do their bit for our planet.

With 7.6 billion people and counting, our planet is facing an unprecedented ecological crisis. Climate change, deforestation, plastic waste and poaching all have consequences for biodiversity and the human species.

Together we can make a difference and reverse these threats that are facing our planet. Follow us on social and subscribe to our newsletter to find out more ways to get involved.


We work with our trusted reforestation partner “The Eden Projects”

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Our planet needs our help now

Our content inspires and educates audiences across the globe to take action on issues ranging from climate change to poaching. We celebrate nature, embrace innovate solutions and foster a supportive community of change makers. Engage with our content on social media Sign up to our email newsletter below to find out how you can make practical change.


Is it really this easy to “save the planet”?

It really is this easy to start doing your bit. Environmental problems are complex and many require a multifactorial approach to be solved - no one organisation or person can do it alone. By engaging with us on social media you’re enabling us to plant more trees, learning how you can make practical change and sharing those learnings with others.

What non profits do you donate to?

We’ve partnered with the Eden Reforestation Projects who are committed to planting 100 mangrove trees in Madagascar with each of our sponsored posts.

We’ve decided to plant Mangrove trees because scientific studies have shown that mangroves sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests.

I’m a business, how do I become a partner/ put a sponsored post on your social media?

We asses all partnerships to make sure we’re a good fit. Please hit the contact us button bellow and tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to get involved.


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